Mission Statements


Xenos, the Greek word for stranger or alien, was the word I chose after a lot of deliberation on everything to explain what these creatures are.  I have worked on this body of work to define and explore it for 10+ years.  They started as an automatic drawing for me then morphed into something that had meaning for me.  At first, they showed the dichotomy of birth and death as they are intrinsically related.  Over time they morphed to there own gesture and figure and the idea of them being a stranger or someone unknown took over my mind as I started creating them.  Now while still embodying both of those things for me they seem more like the struggle of the ego to the id.  I am constantly amazed at the growing meaning of these creatures/objects in my life.  I feel like I am just still after all this time beginning to understand the depth of there meaning and look forward to what else they will teach me about myself. 


Nespartia started as a simple world-building exercise for me.  I quickly fell in love with the idea of a never-ending badlands that morphed and moved around like the neural connections in the brain.  How could such an elastic world exist without it being smooth and sleek.  This roughness was important to me because of the way our world works, things are rarely smooth and sleek. Though the world has objects in it and is not just pristine landscapes in it, this has been started to be explored in the skull series of this body of work.  This body of work  has a lot to do with what holds the attention of my mind for a long time that is not a person. I will continue to work on this series as time goes on, the future holds a lot for this body of work.

Nautical Neurosis 

Nautical Neurosis started as a simple wanting to draw fish with hair to get away from some of the heavier topics that I approach with my other bodies of work. I began to do them and they took on a life of their own with their own stories and such.  It became its own world with these deplorable characters with shady histories.  It also became something that let me have a lot of fun when it comes to just laughing at what I make.  This body of work was done just to share joy and some of my sense of humor with the people who love it.   This work has become one of my favorite to show people due to the instant laughter it can bring.