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Betty Twerkit

Betty Twerkit

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16X20 Original Acrylic and Ink painting 

      The fan dancer stripper of the infamous Mary Ana’s Trench.  She is the only one that rivals Ally for tips at the club and she does it in what most would describe as a much classier way.  She has always had a love for the burlesque shows more show that the shake junt attitude brought forth by Ally.   People come to see Betty’s show but they often end up being dragged to the private room by Ally.  Despite the rivalry, Ally does tend to like Betty as she is the reason Ally makes such a comfortable living and they often go to pro-sex-work protests and events. Betty is much more politically active and in her time not in the club she can be found trying to help candidates get elected as well as doing some more illicit things to gain favors for her lifestyle later in life. 

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