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Psychic Vampire

Psychic Vampire

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Limited edition digital prints available in 11x17

Metal options available for full-bleed print 11x14

Canvas options available for full-bleed print 11x14 

I had heard this term here and there so I started digging into it vampires generally feed on the positivity of a room bringing the mood down. This makes me think of family guy Buzz Killington. If I think harder about it there are people that after being around for more than 20 minutes do make me feel drained. I'm not saying that vampires exist and are feeding on our joy, but I do find the naming convention weird. Vampires are fake, you can make that argument for psychics as well. The thing I don't get is why I use two fake things to describe something that really happens. Nonetheless, I thought it was a cool idea to do a Nespartia piece based on. I went for a more modern uptake on the fangs as I think to devour joy you need to have some strong teeth as I'd imagine joy is similar to candy, sweet. I also wanted something holding the jaw-ish area open to show some type of ravenous appetite. Let me know what you think below.⁠

I've found it best to keep a safe distance from those who drain my joy for my own mental health. Life is hard enough without letting people pull you down.⁠

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