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Xenos The Narcissus

Xenos The Narcissus

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Limited edition digital prints available in 11x17

Metal options available for full-bleed print 11x17

Canvas options available for full-bleed print 11x17

  Many call it by its more common name, the daffodil. There is a phrase associated with this flower “stay as sweet as you are.” Though the meanings of the flower are egotism, the practice of thinking about oneself excessively because of a sense of self-importance, and formality. Let's focus on the phrase first. To stay as sweet as you are is a kind sentiment that is generally given to those with innocence in their hearts. It makes me think of the fact that little girls will spend their time in the spring and summer picking daffodils and that has a sweet and innocent youth to it. This contrasts with the idea that another meaning of this plant is egotism or the behavior from which this plant gets its name. That phrase lets the Xenos of this craft a beautiful narrative of innocence and sweetness, while the actual crafting of this narrative shows the narcissistic tendencies of this Xenos. This is why the other meaning of formality comes up. The formality in which they approach a situation is how they want to be viewed.⁠

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