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Xenos The Peony

Xenos The Peony

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The Peony. 

The peony is said to represent romance, prosperity, fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion.   Though they also represent bashfulness and shame in the western language of flowers.  The name of this flower comes from a nymph named Paeonia who attracted Apollo and made Aphorditie jealous of her.  When Paeonia saw Aphrodite she became bashful and turned bright red as Aphrodite turned her into a flower. When I think about the importance of this flower though I feel there is coyness to it.  The xenos of it makes me think of the people that are great to be around but you wouldn't know it until you take the time to let them open up.  The people who are more understated in what they do, lead a quiet family life with a stable career and have a level of dignity that is so refreshing once you realize it isn't manipulation. I see the peony as an old soul that has found beauty in this world by healing the world around them.

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