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Xenos The Poppy

Xenos The Poppy

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Limited edition digital prints available in 11x17

Metal options available for full-bleed print 11x17

Canvas options available for full-bleed print 11x17

This is one I struggled with.  The poppy’s meaning is eternal sleep, oblivion, and imagination.  It feels like an extremely accurate meaning for this flower as this is the flower that is responsible for the opioid epidemic.  The flower is beautiful but the milk is dangerous. There is a lot that could be said in the idea of the xenos here. We could start conversations about recovering from addiction, and watching that person blossom back to a person that is full of life.  We could talk about toxic partners and how what is beautiful is not always good for you.  I don't want to detract from the conversation here by guiding it too much.

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